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Update: Where We Are Now

We've just launched this site to house a database of learning activities, exercises, and games that can be used with various groups. 

Our goal is to make available some of the more interesting and useful activities, both to use and to stimulate your thinking about what you can do when you are leading a group.

You may find things are incomplete, and the database is somewhat skimpy. Since this is a hobby, rather than a business, my time is somewhat limited, but I hope to add 5-10 new activites per day until we have a nicely stocked library of activities and ideas.


The system has the capability to allow others to contribute, and as we go, we'll look at whether we'll open this up to other contributors. We may also take on one or two volunteers who might like to be involved in adding their favorite icebreakers, learning activities, and energizers, or ones they can hunt down.

If you are interested, you should be able to leave a comment below. If not, hang in there, since as I said, there may still be some glitches.

More information: You can also visit our main training and development site for articles and our trainer library.