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The Light Bulb Moment

Brief Description/Purpose

To debrief and or end a training seminar on a positive upbeat tone that focuses on any profound or unexpected learning or insights


Debriefing, either exercise or end of course

Age Appropriate


Ideal Group Size


Time For Exercise

Ten Minutes



Detailed Instructions If Needed

Explain that a lightbulb moment is that time when it feels like a lightbulb goes off in one's head, and one realizes something that they hadn't been aware of before -- the AHA moment.

Indicate that not everyone has them in training sessions, but you'd like them to take 30 or so seconds to think of something they realized about the content, or themselves that suprised them, and was a lightbulb moment.

After that, ask for volunteers to share their AHA moments. Don't call on individuals who don't volunteer, since that may create pressure at the end of a course that you don't want.

This can be used at the end of a course, OR after a particularly powerful exercise any time during the seminar.