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Physical Energizer: Group Statues

Brief Description/Purpose

Fun movement oriented energizer exercise best used for children but is also used for teens and adults.


Energizer, Physical Movement

Age Appropriate

Best for kids, but also for adults who might like to have fun and move around. See cautions below.

Ideal Group Size

Any size. Minimum of about 6 people.

Time For Exercise

Short. No longer than a few minutes for adults. Kids may enjoy it so stretch it out for them.

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Ask the group to move around the room, loosely swinging their arms and gently relaxing their heads and necks. After a short while, shout out a word. The group must form themselves into statues that describe the word. For example, the facilitator shouts “peace”. All the participants have to instantly adopt, without talking, poses that show what ‘peace’ means to them. Repeat the exercise several times.

Additional Information if Available

This is also a good exercise to stimulate thinking about a topic. Modify the words shouted out to fit the learning goals.


Adults and teens can be self-conscious, refuse to do it, or balk, due to being uncomfortable, or feeling it's a silly exercise. Personally, I don't work with people who would enjoy this exercise, but it will depend on the attendees. Use with caution with adults.