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Closure and Feedback For Group Leader: Closing Circles

Brief Description/Purpose

Simple exercise to end a training session to mark the close of the session and as important, to provide valuable feedback to the trainer or group leader.


Whole group discussion

Age Appropriate

Any age

Ideal Group Size

Twenty or less optimally

Time For Exercise

15-30 minutes

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Have people form a circle, but this can also be done without that.

Request that each person take a moment to answer the following questions, (or others that are relevant)

  • One thing I've learned from the time today is....
  • The thing I enjoyed most is...
  • The thing I didn't like was...
  • One thing I would have liked more of is...
  • It is helpful to have the items displayed via flipchart or projector.

Once done, ask for a volunteer to share their answers, then procede around the circle.


Remember this is an opportunity to share and NOT for in depth discussion. If someone has a negative comment, acknowledge it, and move on to the next person, so each has a chance to contribute. If you find someone who has some issue with the training, request that they speak to you when the group disperses.

This should be relatively fast paced. Modify to keep the time under 20 minutes.