MIndfulness: Drawing (Great For Kids)

Brief Description/Purpose

Simple exercise to being teaching mindfulness to children. Can also be used for older people, but its intended for kids.



Age Appropriate


Ideal Group Size

Any size from one on one to larger group

Time For Exercise

15-20 minutes



Detailed Instructions If Needed

Ask the child or children to draw an object, like a chair, cup, animal, etc. Explain that this isn't a drawing test but a chance to notice things about the object.

Now ask them to re-draw the object and see whether they can identify additional features and details of the object to include in the second drawing. Usually the second drawing will have more detail.

Ask them to consider what it was like to spend time really looking at an object that they wouldn’t usually take the time to notice.

You can use additional questions to point out that we can see things but not really pay attention, or we can really look and notice things about what we are looking at.