Classic Flexible Activity: What Has Changed?

Brief Description/Purpose

Classic exercise you can use for an energizer, icebreaker, or for specific content reasons. It involves paying attention, and can be used for mindfulness training, or communication to point out just how much we "miss" when interacting.


Icebreaker, Energizer

Age Appropriate

Any Age

Ideal Group Size

Done in pairs usually but can be done with an entire group. Very flexible group size.

Time For Exercise

2-3 minutes up to 20 minutes, depending on how you do the debrief, structure, and goals.


Mindfulness, communication, paying attention to others

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Participants break into pairs. Partners observe one another and try to memorise the appearance of each other. Then one turns their back while the other makes three changes to his/her appearance; for example, putting their watch on the other wrist, removing their glasses, and rolling up their sleeves. The other player then turns around and has to try to spot the three changes. The players then switch roles.

Additional Information if Available

You can do this in a whole group. Instead of pairs, have one person exit the room and come back with something "different". You can instruct the group beforehand but it's probably better to simply have the person leave the room, then come back, then ask the group "What has changed?"