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Closure: Tree of Success

Brief Description/Purpose

To have attendees end the session with a sense of accomplishment, and to help them identify the main learning of the session.


Closing Exercise

Age Appropriate

Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

Any Size

Time For Exercise

15 minutes, depending on group size

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Facilitator: There is a proverb that during his or her life, a person has to do three things: raise a child, build a house and plant a tree. During this training workshop we have attempted to figuratively build a house, that is, we built a strategy for addressing [insert content covered and/or goals for session if stated at the beginning of session].

Let us “plant a tree” of success now. To do so, please write your wishes on the pieces of paper that were distributed: w What would you like to wish each other to achieve success in working on [insert topic/content/goals].

Facilitator allows participants 7-9 minutes to write their answers on small pieces of paper. Participants then post their answers on the drawing of tree with limbs, on the flipchart,  and the facilitator reads the answers out loud.

The “Success tree” should be drawn in advance on a flipchart. Small pieces should be cut out of colored paper in the shape of leaves/flowers/fruits. To attach these “leaves/flowers/fruits” to the “tree” provide participants with glue or scotch tape.

Based on a closing exercise process made available by the University of Minnesota created for workshops on gender based violence.