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Closure: Successometer and Action Planning

Brief Description/Purpose

To bring closure to a session by examining how close the group or its members are to achieving the goals linked to the course, and to springboard into developing an action plan.


Closure, Feedback, Planning

Age Appropriate

Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

Any size.

Time For Exercise

10-15 minutes


Any topic, including team building

Detailed Instructions If Needed

  1. At the end of your session, draw a thermometer on a flip chart, such as used by charities for showing how close they are to reaching their contribution goals.
  2. Work the group to a consensus as to how far they have come to reaching their group and/or individual goals, and fill in on the "meter".
  3. Once you've colored in the thermometer, then move towards action planning for the group -- that is have the group suggest what they need to do after the session to reach the goals.

This is ideal for a team building session because it involves consensus, and planning for the future.

Variation: Seat Work Action Planning

  1. Provide each person with a sheet with their own thermometer. Have them color it in to reflect how close they are to acheiving their goals with respect to the content of the session.
  2. Then ask each person to write down at least three actions they will take when they return to the workplace and their lives to bring them closer to meeting the goals.
  3. You can have members share their findings with the group, or they can remain private.