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Ending A Session: Reflecting On The Day

Brief Description/Purpose

Nice simple way to end the group session. Not suitable for large groups. Focuses attendees on picking out one major point to remember.


Closure, ending the sessions

Age Appropriate

Any age, but best for verbal folks.

Ideal Group Size

Less than 20. Larger than that makes the exercise tedious.

Time For Exercise

5-10 minutes


Closure, what has been learned

Detailed Instructions If Needed

To help people to reflect on the activities of the day, make a ball out of paper and ask the group to throw the ball to each other in turn. When they have the ball, participants can say one thing they thought about the day, or one thing they've learned or want to remember.


Exercises like this need to be fast paced, and completed quickly. You don't want to spend 20 minutes doing this, since people will check out on you, particularly at the end of a session.