Understanding Net Promoter Score Exercise

Brief Description/Purpose

This activity aims to help explain what NPS is in a fun way and give the participants an opportunity to practice calculating NPS score by rating each other and calculating NPS using the NPS formula.


Entire Group

Age Appropriate

Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

20 people or so

Time For Exercise

15 minutes


Customer Service Metrics, Net Promoter Score in Customer Service

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Give each participant one " Rate my NPS Please Sheet" 
Instruct each participant to write his/her name in the  blank space  on the Sheet  where it says  " How likely it is that you would recommend ....................................... to a friend, Family member or colleague?"

Once each participant wrote his/her name as instructed above , ask all participants to leave their place and move around the room  and  give an  NPS Score to each of their colleagues .

Once everybody had a chance to go around the room and give an NPS score to everyone else, ask each person to go back to their place and look at the scores he/she received from others and start calculating the number of promoters , neutrals and detractors and to use the formula in the sheet to determine his/her NPS score.