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Team Resume Activity

Brief Description/Purpose

Nice non-intrusive exercise that can be used whenever a team gathers. Purpose is to help group members focus on the group's strengths, but can also be modified to identify group weaknesses.


Group discussion

Age Appropriate

Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

5- 20 (smaller than five changes the dynamics)

Time For Exercise

15-30 minutes


Teams, Team Building used for intact teams.

Detailed Instructions If Needed

 Ask group to work together to come up with a resume FOR THE TEAM. Not only does this focus people on the group, but it's also a task that the group has to manage effectively to complete.

If the group needs hints on how to do it, suggest that they should first, enumerate the group strengths, then the group weaknesses, or areas where the group could improve.

To add a fun and challenging piece, forbid the use of "I" during the exercise, and hit a bell if anyone uses it.

Additional Information if Available