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Communication: Non-Verbal, Facial Expressions Exercise

Brief Description/Purpose:

Incredibly simple exercise to show how we jump to conclusions based on facial expressions. Lots of ways to use this in communication training, or other specific topics. Time needed can vary from very short, less than five minutes to longer.

Age Appropriate:

Pretty much all ages except really young children

Ideal Group Size:

Any size, depending on how you structure the exercise


Facial expressions, non-verbal communication, icebreaker or energizer.

Detailed Instructions If Needed:

From a newspaper or magazine find and collect pictures (5-10) of people. Make sure these pictures show different expressions. Ask the candidates to write down the mood of that person as you show each picture, but they are not allowed to consult others. You can then ask them to share their answers (angry, happy, nervous, bored). 

Additional Information if Available: