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Communication: Visual Power Exercise

Brief Description/Purpose

Fun, short energizer that can be used as a quick break, or for discussing communication, multi-tasking, what happens when we take in conflicting information, only limited by your imagination.


Whole Gropu

Age Appropriate

Children, Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

Any size

Time For Exercise

3-5 minutes


Communication, Multi-tasking, Incongruence, Perception, Attention

Detailed Instructions If Needed

1. Ask participants to stand in a semi-circle.

2. The facilitator gives the following instructions: "Now I am going to give you very simple instructions. Just do what I say." Ask participants whether they are clear about the instructions.

3. Stand in front of the group. Give instructions while doing the same, for example, "Raise your left leg. Raise your right hand. Drop your left leg. Raise your left hand too. Spread your fingers. Drop your right hand. Bring your thumb and small fingers to touch each other."

4. You should change the actions so they do not match the verbal instructions. For example, "Touch your chin." But while saying this, touch your cheek.

5. Notice what the participants are doing. Ask why they followed the actions. They may say "we followed you!" You answer: "No, you didn't. I asked you to follow what I said, not what I did!"

Additional Information if Available

Courtesy of Unicef