Ball Toss Jeopardy: Energizer, and/or Closing Exercise

Brief Description/Purpose

This exercise can be done either as an energizer mid-session or as a closing exercise. It's fun, and it involves some physical movement, and preparation is simple. It requires a foam ball or similar object that can be thrown.


Energizer, Closing exercise, physical activity

Age Appropriate

Any age

Ideal Group Size


Time For Exercise

20 minutes


Ending a session, waking people up.

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Get participants to stand in a circle, at which point you give the instructions.

"I'm going to throw this ball at a person, and then give them an "answer" from the course material. The person with the ball has to come up with the question it answers, again from the course content."

Once you provide the question (and find out if it's a winner or not) you choose someone else to throw the ball to, and provide a new answer for which he or she will have to come up with a question. And so on. answer. 

It's a fun process, first because some people will drop the ball, or come up with some strange questions that can be fun. Make it light hearted.

Additional Information if Available

You can make this into a semi-competition, by having a person sit down if he or she offers a "wrong" question, or can't come up with one. Or have a right answer rewarded by having the person sit down. Lots of possibilities here. 

You might also want to place some time limit for each response, say, 10 seconds, to make it really fast-paced.