The Magic Wand: What Would You Change...?

Brief Description/Purpose

Icebreaker particularly good for use in a team, or at a departmental group meeting. Still useful for those who don't work together. Bring out the common frustrations people have about their workplaces.


Get to know you icebreaker

Age Appropriate

Adults, but can be modifed for younger people

Ideal Group Size


Time For Exercise

15-20 minutes


Finding common ground and experiences.

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Explain as follows:

You have just found a magic wand that allows you to change three work related activities. You can change anything you want. How would you change yourself, your job, your boss, coworkers, an important project, etc.?

Have them discuss why it is important to make the change. Another variation is to have them discuss what they would change if they become the boss for a month. This activity helps them to learn about the desires and frustrations of others.

If you'd like to incorporate an additional get to know you component, have each person interview others one by one to find people who share the same or similar frustrations.


An extremely flexible exercise, only limited by your imagination.