Closure: Appreciating Others' Strengths

Brief Description/Purpose

This exercise can be used as a closing one to leave people feeling good and appreciated, but it also can be adapted for team building and communication type classes. That's often the case with classic exercises. They become "classic" because they can be used in so many different ways.


Whole group

Age Appropriate

Older kids, teens, adults

Ideal Group Size

Six to eight people if used as a whole group exercise, but can be adapted to use with multiple small groups within the larger group.

Time For Exercise

About fifteen minutes

Detailed Instructions If Needed

  • Have people sit in a close circle, including the facilitator(s).
  • Explain the value of feedback about strengths, as above.
  • Give everyone a sheet of letter sized paper, including the facilitators.
  • Ask them to write their own name on the bottom of the paper CLEARLY.
  • Pass paper to the person on the left
  • That person writes a phrase or two or a few words, at the top of the page, to describe what she or he has most valued about the person whose name is on the bottom of the sheet.
  • Fold the paper neatly so the comments are covered
  • Pass the paper on to the next person and repeat steps 5,6 and 7 until everyone has had a go and has the paper back with his or her own name on the bottom.
  • Everyone reads their own comments quietly.
  • Ask each person to mark the one he or she likes the best.
  • Ask people to stand up in a close circle, and ask everyone to say the strength she or he liked using positive words like "I am...." or "I have...."
  • Remind people to take their pieces of paper home and treasure them.

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Additional Information if Available

You can modify the question to suit the content. For example:

  • What did you like best about this person's contribution today?
  • I like working with this person because...
  • This person's best contirbution to our team is...