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Defusing Angry Customers Crossword Puzzle Exercise

Brief Description/Purpose

As an energizer or review exercise within a course that covers dealing with angry customers. Actually tailored for use with If It Wasn't For The Customers, I'd Really Like This Job.


Crossword puzzle

Age Appropriate

Adult, due to its advanced nature.

Ideal Group Size

Any size.

Time For Exercise

Variable depending on how it is used.


Customer service, dealing with angry frustrated customers.

Detailed Instructions If Needed

There are no particular instructions for this puzzle, but here are some options.

You can introduce it at the beginning of the seminar, and periodically go back to it for 3-4 minutes interspersed. In this format it serves as an energizer.

You can also use it as a review exercise at the end of the seminar. In that case it can take up to 25 minutes to complete as a group.

You can access the complete crossword puzzle for dealing with difficult customers here. You can then grab the blank puzzle, clues and solution.