Review: Compendium of Icebreakers: Beginnings and Endings (Volume 3)


Brief Description

Collection of icebreakers, session openings, and session endings to bring about closure for training sessions and meetings.

Number Of Exercises/Games/Activites

70 icebreakers and closure exercises

My Take - Pro's And Con's

This is a solid resource for icebreakers. I like the idea that it also includes exercises to END sessions and bring about closure.

Icebreakers usually involve very little material, and are fairly simple and the price of this book which was published initially some time ago, at almost $40.00 is quite high for what you get.

That said, I like the inclusion of a potential pitfalls for many of the exercises, a kind of "watch out for these problems" section, which can be hugely valuable for trainers. Covering pitfalls helps you avoid common problems that you might not think about on your own.

Evaluation: It's good, if not excellent, but the price is high. There IS a Kindle version but that comes in at about $32.00. Overall, if we ignore the price, ***** (Five stars). If we consider the price and the general availability of icebreakers around for free, ** (two stars).