Get To Know You: Three Truths And A Lie

Brief Description/Purpose

Icebreaker but can be used as mid class energizer. Classic get to know you activity that involves moving around and talking to others in the group


Energizer, get to know each other, icebreaker

Age Appropriate

Any age

Ideal Group Size

Any size group over 10 people, subject to available space if moving around is involved

Time For Exercise

Flexible. Five minutes works or longer.

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Everyone writes their name, along with four pieces of information about themselves on a large sheet of paper. For example, ‘Bob likes singing, loves football, has five wives and loves shrimps’. Participants then circulate with their sheets of paper. They meet in pairs, show their paper to each other, and try to guess which of the ‘facts’ is a lie.

You can do this seated to, and have people take turns and asking the entire group to choose the lie.