Cooperative Group Story

Brief Description/Purpose:

Use as an icebreaker, energizer, or, if you develop a story theme to fit your content, you can do all kinds of interesting stuff.
Simple too. The group is going to speak or write a story, with each person adding one word, or sentence in turn.
By setting the theme, you can guide the learning.

Age Appropriate:

Any Age

Ideal Group Size:

Small to moderate (max about 20 people:


Use for any topic by modifying the theme, or story stem.

Detailed Instructions If Needed:

Explain you will be creating a story together, and that each person will, in turn, add a word, or sentence. By choosing the "stem" you provide, you can move the exercise where you want it.

Example: "John went to his boss to ask for a raise. Before he could get the greeting out of the way his boss started..."

You can record on a whiteboard, overhead, whatever. Use the contents you get to link to the point of the exercise or use as a simple, fun icebreaker to get people talking.

Additional Information if Available: