Intros: What I'd Be Doing If I Wasn't Here

Brief Description/Purpose

Nice way to introduce people to the group, but by focusing on their job responsibilities. Has the added advantage of allowing the group leader/trainer to read each person and their mood, and whether they want to be there.



Age Appropriate

Children, Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

5 to 15 people. The more people, the more the introductions drag on too long. Ideally no more than 10.

Time For Exercise

5-15 minutes

Detailed Instructions If Needed

  1. Instead of having people introduce themselves by their names, ask them to give their name and what they would be DOING if they weren't here. In most cases that will mean they will describe a few work tasks.
  2. Probe to get specific about what they would be DOING, rather than a job role.
  3. Listen carefully to the responses because they will tell you who would rather be elsewhere, or isn't keen on taking part in the training. If you come across a person who clearly would rather be at work, acknowledge that, and say: "I hope you'll gain by being here, and that..."

Fun Variation: Introducing Someone Else

If people in the group work together and know each other, have each person choose someone else to introduce them in that same way: "What would this person be doing if s/he wasn't here?"

This can be fun, and it's pretty amazing how little people know about what others do in the company or team.