Exploring Trust: The Trust Interviews

Brief Description/Purpose

To build some trust among strangers who are meeting each other, and to explore some of the characteristics of people who are "trustable"


Small Groups

Age Appropriate

Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

Exercise is done in 3's and 4's so it scales well for any sized group

Time For Exercise

20 minutes


Trust, Communication, Diversity

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Divide the whole group into sub-groups of three's or four's.

1. Have each person introduce him/herself to the others in under 1 minute each including at least name, why came to this workshop, what wondering about trust. If time to add more, fine. 

2. Each person has four minutes to tell others about someone they trust a lot. How did 
that trust begin? DId trust start building from the start? Did it grow rapidly? Slowly? What did the other person do that led you to trust him/her? Are you generally a trusting person? (again, if time, say more that comes to mind about trust in your life.) 

3. Share what you heard. Anything stand out? Any common elements/themes? Did you gain any insights? If so, what. 

If time allows, have a call out into whole group (and record in front of group) aspects of #3.