Employee Ratings Suck Exercise For Managers: Living With Them

  Brief Description/Purpose

I use this exercise to help managers work around their broken and stupid employee rating systems, and figure out how to augment them. This is an add on to: My Ideal Employee: A Base Exercise For Managers


Brainstorming, discussion

Age Appropriate


Ideal Group Size

10-100. I sometimes use this in large groups at conferences

Time For Exercise

30 minutes


Performance management, appraisal, rating systems

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Begin by using the base exercise mentioned above (My Ideal Employee)

Ask this:

  • Does your performance management rating system give employees what they need to be ideal employees for you?
  • What is missing?

Since you are stuck with rating systems (or whatever bad system is foisted upon you by your employer), how can you augment or add to this system to help your employees become "ideal"?