Blind Trust Walk

Brief Description/Purpose

To provide an EXPERIENCE for learners on what it feels like to be dependent on, or trust another person for their safety. Also allows those TRUSTED to expand their understanding of helping/leading someone else. Very flexible exercise.



Age Appropriate

Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

Exercise is done in pairs, so group size is only limited by time, and physical space.

Time For Exercise

As short as five or ten minutes for the actual "walk", but at least 30 minutes for debriefing. An hour is a good length.


Trust, Team-Building, Dependence, Disabilities, Diversity

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Group members are paired. One member of each pair is blindfolded (ear plugs can also be used or added), and each pair is instructed to "go for a walk" either in a specific space, or even outside. The walk can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

Then the roles should be reversed with the blindfolded person removing his blindfold, and the other person taking that role.

When the entire group reconvenes, the debrief should involve people in explaining their feelings, practicalities, from both sides.

Additional Information if Available

There are lots of ways to modify the exercise.

For example, you can ask pairs NOT to talk during the exercise.

This is a classic exercise commonly used on social science courses at university.