Energizer: Simon Says

Brief Description/Purpose

You probably know this game as one you might have played as a kid. I remember playing this one, but you probably haven't thought about how this can be used both as an energizer and to explore topics on communication, and conflict.

One point you can bring out is that when under stress, or emotional, it's easy to stop listening to every word, and make mistakes in interpretation.


Physical Movement

Age Appropriate

Any Age

Ideal Group Size

Any number provided there's enough space to move around.

Time For Exercise

5-10 minutes depending on how you want to link to your content


Communication, Conflict

Detailed Instructions If Needed

The facilitator tells the group that they should follow instructions when the facilitator starts the instruction by saying Simon says...If the facilitator does not begin the instructions with the words Simon says, then the group should not follow the instructions!

The facilitator begins by saying something like Simon says clap your handswhile clapping their hands. The participants follow. The facilitator speeds up the actions, always saying Simon saysfirst. After a short while, the Simon saysis omitted.

Those participants who do follow the instructions anyway are outof the game. The game can be continued for as long as it remains fun.