Kids: Anger Ball-Toss

Brief Description/Purpose

Great exercise for young kids, but you can use it for older people too. Helps focus on listening to each other, and understanding anger. The exercise also teaches people to use and listen to assertiveness type statements about feelings.


Physical and verbal

Age Appropriate

Primarily Children but can be modified for adults or teens

Ideal Group Size


Time For Exercise

20 minutes


Conflict, anger, listening, assertiveness

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Find a soft ball. Have the class stand in a circle.

Begin by completing the sentence, "I feel angry when ..." Ask for a volunteer who is willing to restate what you just said. Toss that student the ball. That student restates what you said, then completes the sentence for herself. She then tosses the ball to someone else, who repeats what she said, then completes the sentence for himself, and so on.