Circle of Friends Closing Exercise

Brief Description/Purpose

This is a great way to end a training session, or meeting on a positive note.


Closing Exercise but can also be used as an icebreaker, or an energizer with some changes to the task.

Age Appropriate

Older kids, teens, adults

Ideal Group Size


Time For Exercise

Depends on group size. 5-15 minutes

Detailed Instructions If Needed

This is a greatending for a large group who will be attending a seminar for more than one day together and the chances of meeting everyone in the room is almost impossible.

Form two large circles (or simply form two lines side by side), one inside the other and have the people in the inside circle face the people in the outside circle.

Start by asking the group to express something positive about the person they are standing with. Then have the other in the pair do likewise.

At some timed and short period of time ask the circles to take one step in the opposite directions, allowing them to repeat the process with each new person as the circle continues to move very slowly. 

Additional Information if Available

You can vary the questions, of course. For example, instead of having people tell each other something positive, you might ask each to share what they found most valuable from the day, or what they learned.

A good period of time for each person is about 15 seconds. That makes the exercise faster, and makes it a bit more fun.