MIndfulness: Tuning Your "Radio" Exercise

Brief Description/Purpose

The analogy of our brains as a "radio", and how attention and focus is much like tuning a radio can be a rich and learningful analogy. This mindfulness exercise, which can be used as an energizer too, teaches about focus, attention, and helps people get a feel for how the brain wanders.


Individual work, in a whole group

Age Appropriate

Any Age

Ideal Group Size

Any size

Time For Exercise

5 Minutes or more


Mindfulness, Attention, Focus, Brains, Neuroscience

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Ask the participants to get comfortable sitting on a chair or the floor. Have them close their eyes and imagine their sense of hearing is a radio that can tune in to different stations.

First, ask them to listen to the sounds farthest away for a moment. Then, change the station and listen to the sounds in the room. Change the station again and listen to the sounds of their body – their breathing, their heartbeat, etc.

Bring their attention to each part of their body, starting with the tips of their toes and up through their legs, hips, back, arms, shoulders, neck and head.

Change the station again and ask them to listen just to their breathing. Then listen to the sounds in the room. Finally listen to the sounds furthest away.

When they are ready, ask them to open their eyes.

  • How do they feel now in comparison to when they started the activity?
  • Was it easy to concentrate?
  • What was the easiest part of the exercise? What was the most difficult?
  • Do they often just listen to the sounds around them?
  • Why might it be important to listen more?