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easelThe quest for just the right energizer, icebreaker or learning activity that fits the instructional goals is an ongoing challenge for trainers, facilitators, meeting managers, teachers, coaches and other group leaders. In fact, the sections related to these activities is the most important part of TheTrainingZone.

To help in the search, I've set up a database of free to use learning and energizing activities, cataloging them and providing enough instruction and resources for you to use them as is, or better still, to use to stimulate your own creativity and create your own.

Organization Into Categories and Types

In the category menu in the sidebar you'll see a number of topics and the categories we use to classify the various resources here. It's a bit of a challenge, of course, since many activities can be used for different purposes. Some are content specific, for example, to be used in diversity efforts, while others are generic and can be used in almost any group.

We've tried to classify them in a way that is meaningful to group leaders, so you will find these categories:

  • Topic/Content
  • Group Size: tiny (less than 10), small (10 to 20), medium (21-35) Large (36-hundreds)
  • Length of Activity: tiny: (about 5 minutes) short (6-15 minutes) long (15+ minutes)
  • Age Appropriate: young (4-12 years old) teen (13-19) adult (over 20 years of age)

Exercises will be found in multiple categories

Tags and Keywords

Each activity is "tagged" with keywords that will help you find, and select the activity you need. The available tags will be shown in the tag cloud. Similarly each has key words. You can seach using keywords and tags.

Origins of the Activities, Terms of Use, and Copyright

All activities in the compendium are free, and should be free to use, but not for resale. Because of the nature of learning exercises, it's often not possible to provide proper attribution, since many are just passed from person to person. When attribution is clear about who developed the activity or shared it online, we'll include that. We are however, not responsible for the origins. If you find a copyright activity here, please let us know at ceo@work911.com, and if you own a copyright, please contact us if you want it removed.


We are early in the development of htis site, but in future, we'll post hints about how to search effectively, and use this site. Those instructions and hints will occur below in the News section.

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And of course, it's a discussion group, so you can share your own ideas, comment on the exercises, ask questions and be part of the community.

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Best Way Not To Miss Out On New Exercises and Training Activities - Use RSS Feed Best Way Not To Miss Out On New Exercises and Training Activities - Use RSS Feed

We add new games and material almost every day, and we know that you probably aren't going to remember to check in regularly. That means you'll be missing out on new additions that you may find valuable.

Solution - Use The RSS Feed For New Activities

You can use the RSS feed in whatever feedreader you may use. In that way you can automatically be informed about new material.

Simply add the following feed address to you reader:


Update: Where We Are Now Update: Where We Are Now

We've just launched this site to house a database of learning activities, exercises, and games that can be used with various groups. 

Our goal is to make available some of the more interesting and useful activities, both to use and to stimulate your thinking about what you can do when you are leading a group.

You may find things are incomplete, and the database is somewhat skimpy. Since this is a hobby, rather than a business, my time is somewhat limited, but I hope to add 5-10 new activites per day until we have a nicely stocked library of activities and ideas.


The system has the capability to allow others to contribute, and as we go, we'll look at whether we'll open this up to other contributors. We may also take on one or two volunteers who might like to be involved in adding their favorite icebreakers, learning activities, and energizers, or ones they can hunt down.

If you are interested, you should be able to leave a comment below. If not, hang in there, since as I said, there may still be some glitches.

More information: You can also visit our main training and development site for articles and our trainer library.

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