The Geometry Collaboration Game

Brief Description/Purpose

To explore the challenges of collaboration and working cooperatively. This exercise has the added benefit of getting people up and moving.


Physical Movement

Age Appropriate

Any age

Ideal Group Size

Exercise can be done in pairs so any size.

Time For Exercise

10- 15 minutes


Collaboration, team work, communication

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Have participants pair up (exercise can be done in larger sub groups too).

Instruct the class that you will be shouting out the names of geometric figures, and that you want each pair to arrange themselves or their body parts in a way that displays the particular figure. NO TALKING IS ALLOWED.

Do three or four like circle, triangle, square, pentagon

Additional Information if Available

Possible Debrief Questions:

In your group, did one person take the lead? 

What were the challenges?

Did you discover any tricks to collaborate?

Why would this be much easier if you could speak during the exercise?


As a variation, once you finish the exercise, do it again, with different pairings, OR repeat it but allow talking. That opens up additional areas to explore, such as differences that come from working with different partners or people.