Icebreaker: "The last thing I want to hear today is..."?

Brief Description/Purpose

I'm a firm believer in having as much information as possible about my training attendees, as soon as possible. This simple exercise, used as part of the introductions, will tell the trainer a lot about what will work and not work for each of the participants.


Question, Icebreaker

Age Appropriate

Teens, Adults

Ideal Group Size

Less than 20 or the process is too slow and cumbersome

Time For Exercise

10-15 minutes


Expectations for the day

Detailed Instructions If Needed

Incorporate this into any introductions you do at the start. Ask each person to complete the following:

The last thing I want to hear today is....

Go around the room, having each person introduce him/herself and explaining how they answered and why.

Reassure if necessary that they won't be disappointed or explain why they might experience something that's useful but may fit in their discomfort zone.